Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pet Worms

Put your outdoor work in order and get your fields ready; after that, build your house. Proverbs 24:27 NIV

Autumn arrived and my backyard was covered in orange and gold. My grandson was thrilled he would get to play in the leaves. I, on the other hand didn't want to rake all those leaves that decorated my yard.

I decided Cameron was old enough for a chore. I put him in charge of raking leaves into piles. He was excited and ready to get started on his “chore.” So was I!

Cameron did more playing than raking. I wanted to get the leaves ready for my compost bin, but he had other plans. He raked the leaves into several little piles and then one by one jumped in the middle.

He hindered more than helped, but he was only six, so I didn't fuss . I let him play in the leaves until it was time to gather worms for the compost pile.

“Cameron,” I called. “I have a special job for you.”

He was excited.

I grabbed our garden gloves and spades to dig up the dirt.

“We're going worm digging,” I told him.

“Oh boy maw-ma!”

Cameron loved to dig for worms. We walked to the top of the backyard, where the soil was richest. Cameron had his spade ready. He couldn't wait to find big fat worms. He thought he would be able to keep them in the house. I had other plans for God's littlest garbage disposal's. Those little wigglers were going in my compost bin.
Cameron started to dig full force in the hearty soil. He came up empty-handed. Oh no, I thought.

I was afraid my grandson wouldn't find any worms for his new job. He continued to dig deeper into
the dirt. He struck pay-dirt! Cameron dangled a big fat earthworm from his fingers.

“Maw-ma, look I found a big one!”

He found a lot of fat worms after searching. He placed his treasure in a bucket and together we hauled the little wiggly creatures to the compost bin.

About half way down the hill Cameron set the worm bucket on the ground.

“What's wrong Cameron?”

“ Maw-ma, what are you going to do with all my worms?”

All his worms?

“Well, I'm going to put the worms in a bed...”

Cameron interrupted me in mid sentence.

“A bed? Do they have to go to sleep?”

“No, but they have to go in a special bed.”

“A special bed?”

I told him to pick up the worms and I would show him. We walked down to the bottom of the hill where I had my compost bin ready for the worms.

“See Cameron,” I pointed to the wooden box. “Your worms will live here for awhile.”


“Well, the worms will eat some of our garbage and make special dirt for our vegetable garden.”

Cameron was upset. He dumped the worms into the compost bin and I helped him place the leaves on top of them. I thought he was going to cry.

“What's wrong Cameron?”

“Maw-ma, I thought my worms would get to come inside with me.”

I hadn't thought about Cameron wanting to keep the worms as pets, but he did! I had to come up with a quick plan so he wouldn't get too upset.

“I tell you what. I have another special job for you. I want you to be in charge of feeding your worms everyday.”




He left the worms behind in their new home and ran off to play with his friends.

Cameron and his pet worms taught me a valuable lesson that day. The Lord gives us many “tasks”
during our lifetime. He puts us in charge of caring for others with kindness and compassion. Sometimes however, we forget how to care for our charges. The Lord wants us to be prepared to get our hands dirty. We have to dig deep in order to find our treasure.

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