Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stepping on Frogs

Even small children are known by their actions, so is their conduct really pure and upright? Proverbs 20:11 NIV

My grandson Cameron turned six on March 17th and with that milestone he became a different little boy. He decided everything he did or said was hilarious and I should laugh at his practical jokes.

Cameron came home from school and formally introduced me to his latest practical joke.

He discovered his classmates would laugh uncontrollably at body noises and of course he thought I would too!

I was busy in the kitchen preparing dinner when he walked up behind me and started giggling.

"I stepped on a frog maw-ma."

I was trying to control my laughter. "You did what?"

"I stepped on a frog. You want me to step on another frog?" He giggled.

"No I do not young man! It's not funny or polite to step on frogs."

"Yes ma'am." The laughter was gone from his eyes and tears began to form.

I stopped what I was doing, pulled Cameron into my lap and began to explain why we don't step on frogs in public.

"Cameron, I know you think stepping on frogs is funny, but some people may think it is rude."

I am not sure if he fully understood what I meant. He jumped down from my lap and went into the living room with his paw-pa. I heard giggling from both of them.

"Want me to step on another frog pop?"

I shook my head, smiled and stepped on my own frog.

Sometimes we may not fully understand the consequences of our actions. We don't literally step on frogs or think everything is one big practical joke, but our actions may speak louder than our words. The Lord doesn't want us to keep stepping on frogs for attention. He wants us to fully understand we already have His undivided attention.

© Debra Ann Elliott 2011


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  3. I have a grown friend-an attorney, who told me he kills the lizards that go into his garage. I am horrified. First of all, I live in the desert where we have tons of lizards and unless it's a Komodo Dragon, which I'm sure it's not--he has to be the biggest chicken in the world! Lizards are cute, and I personally think they are adorable... maybe not Geico cute-but fairly cute. Of course, now that I think about your blog, I realize as an attorney, well...I guess he wanted my attention?

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  9. Haha, oh your posts about your grandson are just too good. My husband likes to call it "stepping on ducks" so this post made me smile. I will be looking forward to your new posts! God bless :)